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The success of any system ultimately depends on the quality of its individual parts.  Metal components can be subject to severe stress from abrasion, impact, heat, pressure and corrosive factors.  That’s where M.M.I. comes in.  Our foundry manufactures ferrous castings with expertise, innovation and the latest technology to withstand the stresses encountered in virtually any application.


Our people have been the most important factor in our growth with the majority of our management and trades people having been with us from the start.  Care is taken at every step to ensure a quality product with our team taking great pride in our abilities.  As a result, costs are minimized and delivery time shortened – two very important considerations for our customers.  The professionalism and skill of our people is reflected in the quality and consistency of our products.


An ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certified Company, M.M.I. is centrally located in Ontario for ease of shipping with complete capabilities offering one stop sourcing.  From experienced and quality pattern making to castings and heat treatment to precision machined parts, finished assembly, fabrication, testing and certification, M.M.I. can offer any or all the services you require.


Our strength lies in our unique series of small furnaces that allows M.M.I. to specialize in diverse alloys and custom parts; this gives us a flexibility and versatility not found in large operations.  With casting sizes from 1 to approximately 800 pounds and production runs from one-off to 10,000 plus, M.M.I is a jobbing shop producing special made-to-order castings for markets throughout North America, South America and Europe.

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